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Experience the Nightlife "Glow Technology"

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This is not your everday catfish gear

Mudville CatmasterMudville Catmaster is all new with an aggressive new look and outstanding product line-up. The new Mudville Catmaster is a complete line of catfishing tackle that includes rods, combos, terminal tackle, lures and tools – all designed by our crazy, passionate Mudville product team, and all rugged enough to take the abuse that any Big Blue or Channel Cat can deliver.


Rock Solid Spinning & Spincast Rods & Combos

Mudville Catmaster Rods and Combos are available in both spinning and spincast models, all with high-vis green tips to easily detect bites, fiberglass rods for great durability, and the combos have size 40 (SC) and 50 (SP) reels to handle a big cat!



  • • Size 40 Spincast or size 50 2 BB Spinning reel
  • • 7 ft medium-heavy action rod
  • • Fiberglass blank and high-vis green tip
  • • Ceramic guides
  • • EVA handles
  • • Triangular hook keepers



  • • Size 40 Spincast or size 50 3BB Spinning reel
  • • 7 ft 6 in medium-heavy action rod
  • • Power wrap E-glass blank with glow painted tips
  • • Aluminum oxide guides
  • • EVA handles
  • • Triangular hook keepers



  • • 7 ft or 8 ft medium-heavy action rods
  • • Fiberglass blanks
  • • High-vis yellow tips
  • • Ceramic guides
  • • EVA handles
  • • Triangular hook keepers


Specially designed tools and tackle for the rigors of cat fishing.

Mudville Catmaster offers the only COMPLETE tool and tackle catfishing solution in the industry. We've got everything you need including catfish specific hooks, rigs, line, lures, sinkers, floats, tools and rod holders.



  • • Hooks - Straight-Eye Circle, Kahle, Wide Gap Octopus, Wide Gap O'Shaughnessy
  • • Dough Bait Treble Hook
  • • 36 pc Catfsh Hook Assortment
  • • Rigs - Slip Float, Bullhead
  • • Floating Trot Lines w/ hooks, swivels and drop lines
  • • Monofilament Line



  • • Dip Worms & River Dip Worms
  • • "Nightlife" Glow Dip Worms
  • • Dip Tubes & Sponge Dip Tubes
  • • "Nightlife" Glow Dip Tubes & Sponge Dip Tubes
  • • "Nightlife" Glowstick Floats
  • • Big Floating Dipper w/ mesh and sponge
  • • No-Roll Sinkers



  • • Catfish Skinning Pliers
  • • Catfish Lip Gripper
  • • "Nightlife" Glow Catfish Pliers
  • • "Nightlife" Glow Fillet Knife
  • • 40 pc Essentials Kit
  • • Stinkbait Odor Removing Bar
  • • Bank Rod Holder


Glow-in-the-dark and hi-vis features

A recent survey of catfish anglers revealed that over half of them fish after dark* in the murky depths of their favorite "honey hole." Respondents answered that they fish sunset to midnight "always, frequently or sometimes."

This commonplace after-dark activity was the inspiration for the new line of Mudville Catmaster Nightlife rods, combos, tackle and tools that include our signature "Nightlife" glow-in-the-dark features. You'll easily see your rod twitch with our Nightlife glow-in-the-dark rod tips, and our refillable Glowstick Floats will last all night long. These balsa wood floats even come with hi-vis inserts for daytime fishing as well.

Rounding out the line-up of innovative Nightlife products is our glow lures which add an extra measure of attraction, day or night. And don't forget about our extra handy Nightlife glow-in-the-dark tools. So don't wait for a full moon to head out catfishing at night! We've got the "Nightlife" glow-in-the-dark gear you need to stay out all night.


*NC catfish angler survey, 2012. Multiple times allowed. 51% answered they fish sunset to midnight "always, frequently or sometimes."

Catfish Across the U.S.A.

 Blues   Channel   Flatheads

Catfish are widely distributed across North American waterways and are one of the most popular species to fish for. Anglers target several catfish species, including channel, flathead and blue catfish. Each species creates a challenge as to where to fish for them and then how to catch them.

These bottom feeders thrive in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and streams and are not at all picky about the conditions of their habitat - clear or muddy - makes no difference.

So head out to your nearest fishing retailer, grab some Mudville Catmaster rods, combos and tackle and get out there! Day or night, we've got you covered with our complete line-up of basic to specialty catfishing gear.